SaiMoe 2008

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※ This year, I don't have as much time to keep the Wiki up-to-date. So until I get some helpers or I find some miraculous amount of free time (the latter is unlikely), this will be a minimalistic collection of links to relevant ASuki information posts which may or may not be messier than the Saimoe 2007 Wiki pages.- Psieye Psieye Jun 24, 2008
※ Hi there, I'll be picking up the slack here on the Synchroom page. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to send me a message either here on Wikispaces or on AnimeSuki (you'll need to be a registered user both here and on AnimeSuki to send a message.) I'm also in IRC on both Rizon and IRCHighway servers.- Rika-chama Rika-chama Jul 17, 2008
※ I'll probably be helping out from time to time and covering for Rika when he's busy and whatnot, so tell me if you ever want something on here or need me for something. I'm in IRC on Rizon as a variety of nicknames, but I'll usually be in #isml, so if you need me, just call out.- qtipbrit92 qtipbrit92 Aug 18, 2008
※ Ya~ho. Meant to post ages ago, but I'll be here if anyone needs me as well, and on Rizon as Seishi.- Seishi Seishi Aug 18, 2008
※ I'll pick up some slack here whenever I can, if anyone needs me. Name's the same on AnimeSuki and on IRC in the Rizon and IRChighway servers.- Fynal_Fyre Fynal_Fyre Aug 20, 2008

Final Result:

Hiiragi Kagami: 1037
Hiiragi Tsukasa: 976
Winning Poster

Good Job everyone who helped! See all of you again next June for Saimoe 2009!!! ^^
- Rika-chama Rika-chama Nov 2, 2008

The Current Date and Time in Japan is now:

Click Here to go to the Japanese Standard Time Project site.

2channel Voting Information:

Latest 2ch Thread: Thread 237
Main 2ch Voting Site: 2ch Voting Thread Main Room
※Note: If there are 1000 posts in the current thread or over 512Kb in the thread (scroll down all the way to the bottom of the thread to check this out), then you will get an error if you try to post in the thread. Please click the link above this Note to the Main 2ch Voting site and find the next "Round" number. For example, if the "Latest 2ch Thread" here in the Synchroom says "Thread 076" then look for a link on the Main 2ch Voting Site with the words "Round77" (Note that 2ch uses "Round" differently than the Synchroom uses "Round")
Code Generator Link: Code Generator - same as before, the 55th minute of the hour is the threshold this time though. Remember, you have to wait at least 1 hour + extra minutes to reach the 55th minute before you get your code - so long as your IP does not change, you don't need to keep this tab open all the time. There is also nothing wrong with waiting 16 hours between reserving your code and getting it, so you can reserve in the evening and vote in the morning if you are in appropriate timezones.
Misc. Voting Info: Here is a humourous post that has some screen shots about how to get a code and vote in the tournament. Also here is some information about sage and url http links.
Main Saimoe 2008 Page: Here (Japanese)

Official Voting Names:

Semi Final Round 1:

Hiiragi Kagami:

<<柊かがみ@らき☆すた>>(Hiiragi Kagami@Lucky Star)
<<柊かがみ>>(Hiiragi Kagami)
<<パン工場>>(Bread Factory)

Hiiragi Tsukasa:
<<柊つかさ@らき☆すた>>(Hiiragi Tsukasa@Lucky*Star)
<<柊つかさ>>(Hiiragi Tsukasa)
<<神岸あかり>>(Is the worst)
<<バルサミコ酢>>(Basalmic Vinegar)
<<よっこいしょういち >>(Yokko Ishouichi)
<<つかさです>>(Tsukasa desu)
<<やっさいもっさい>>(Yassai Mossai)

AnimeSuki Rush:

The Current Animesuki Rush stats
And a Tutorial by Todkapuz on how to rush

Miscellaneous Information:

Saimoe 2008 AnimeSuki thread: Here - The first post has all necessary introductory information
2ch Saimoe Uploader - This is an image repository for posting various images for use on the 2ch boards
Saimoe Newspaper blog
Fun Tool: J-ASCII art
Charta Ministralis Cards repository is here.
z3phyr's Saimoe 2008 signature archive: here and here. All sigs are AS-safe.
List of Seiyuu and the characters they perform courtesy of Eggplant. (raw copypasta format... will be organised alpha by seiyuu later when I get time >_> - Rika-chama)
Link to Saimoe on Wikipedia
Chinese Saimoe 2008 Campaign Imageboard
Best 32 Picture
Best 8 Picture
Best 8 MAD's: NicoNico Link - YouTube Link - Download Location (password: saimoe)
Best 4 Pictures: 1 2 3 4

Saimoe 2008 Brackets:

For a detailed chart of brackets and matches:
A - D
E - H.
Final 16 Chart and onward is Here
Credit to Aya_Reiko.

Final Round

The official 2ch Admin and result thread is Here. Just scroll to the bottom. The results are either Posted by 「リスト屋◆P9Phmmizho」 or 「庶務◆Shm.mbjqss」 or 「◆7/17Qn/0vk__」. Follow the links that they've posted. It's usually a url. just scroll to the bottom of that post and it will list the current winners. They usually have it posted by 23:05 JST.
02 Nov 2008:
Final Match Poster
2ch Match Posters: 1 2 3 4
Kagami: 1
Tsukasa: 1

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